Monday, 6 June 2011

Elderflower and tote bags

I've promised myself for years...well, a couple...that I would make Elderflower cordial. Tonight I have. A friend gave me the recipe and the citric acid and I added lemons...a lot of sugar and the elderflowers. So today after school, I walked home picking the white flower heads...even got some from the school playground! so hopefully tomorrow i'll be enjoying this...

As for my sewing, I was up very late making a start on the nursery commission, that I've told you about. I can't share pictures yet, I want to wait until it's all finished. I will leave you with a couple of picture of some new bags I made last week.

new makes and new ideas

I've had a little time between the park, walking the children and board games to do a little making.
I've tried out a few new ideas......

these are some new glasses cases but someone gave me the idea of gaget cosies, for iphone and the like. What do you think?

And a little something to celebrate.....My husband, who said in the run up to christmas, "I don't want anything home made!" , has asked me to make him a ipod case.....a very manly black one (with no flowers or hearts) this space!
Kaybee x

Saturday, 28 May 2011

creating a..... mess!!!

This week i didn't have my usual crafting day, so have had to make up for it, with some time grabbed here or there.
On Wednesday i went to good old Dunelm mill. They have a fabric sale and I managed to grab myself some reduced canvas type fabric. I had recently sold quite a few of my glasses cases, so needed some fairly sturdy fabric to make up some more.



I've actually already sold three of these. yeah!

I've also been of my daughters friend had a birthday and my little girl needed a quick (little) present. So that got me sticking quite a few of these.

The problem with all this making, is it makes a golly big mess. So today when my hubby was out I started my surprise for him. I know my man well. I know what he likes.....and that.. is a tidy house. Unfortunately...I'm so not tidy. I hoard little pieces of fabric in carrier bags and this is gathered in, what most people call their downstairs toilet!! So I set out to clear up and sort out my fabric stash. However, sorting really does create a huge mess.......

With a little time and a some ruthless de-cluttering I achieved my aim. I tidied and cleared and put the newly filled boxes back into the little room. I felt great relief and was pleased with myself........Then this happened....

The boxes toppled over and i had to, once again, sort out the mess!!

Hubby was pleased on his return though x

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

No sew Wednesday

I can't sew tomorrow. There's not going to be time tomorrow with one thing or another. So I've come home tonight and finished off a couple of sets of cushions just to make up for it.
These are a one off as I've no more of this Laura Ashley fabric and it's discontinued.....

So tomorrow I'm taking another step into the "starting a new business" world and its all very exciting.

More fabric arrived today...I love fabric parcels, beautifully wrapped and pressed. This fabric is just some of the fabric that will go towards the commission that I have for a nursery set. Some lovely greens and blues...pretty

The children break up from school on Friday and this is going to mean not a lot of time to get any crafting done. I'm hoping the rest of my commission fabric will arrive by the weekend, so I can make some progress before the madness of next week.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

not much making

I've not made anything since Wednesday...not cut out or measured up.

My daughter who's birthday it was last weekend was having her birthday shopping, "it's not a party", pizza thing yesturday. So there was definately no time for making. I might be getting withdrawal symptoms! Perhaps I'll get the machine out this afternoon.

I have had a good few days of selling. Two glasses cases have been sold from my folksy shop . I've also got my first proper commission!! An old friend, who has been following my "makes" on facebook, asked if I'd like to make a nursery package for her son. She wants a space theme, so I sourced the fabric, added up some sums and gave her my quote. And she has said yes.

I was thinking about doing a local craft fair in July. I'm going to be too busy making this commission to make the stock I would need. Yay

It's great to be wanted and I'm amazed that people would pay me to make something for them or their home. It's brilliant to be doing something I love as well.

I 'll leave you with the photo of the glasses case I made my, cat crazy, friend. Bye for now Kaybee

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

sewing and housework in that order!!

Well today is Wednesday and I had several tasks do some sewing (no surprise there then!) and some housework.
I did manage to get some sewing done. I finished a set of cupcake happy birthday bunting.. which i just love. I'd really like to keep it for my own birthday but as we have birthday bunting already, I'll post it in my folksy shop sometime this week.

I have done ok for sales this week. One set of cushions sold and posted to there new home and the daisy glasses case, will find it's way to my friends grandmother. Someone at work this week also asked me to make her a glasses case, with a cat on, as she's a super feline fan. I won't post a picture of this until I give it to her...i don't want to spoil the surprise.
I have been making a pretty cushion for a lovely little girl who has a birthday coming up so spent a little time in this today.( i can post this as she's a bit young for the world of blogging). This one is still work in progress.

Whilst in the mood for children's cushions, I also whipped up this cute sail boat one today. i love the nautical theme, especially as we live near the sea, and it's lovely to use that inspiration.

As for the housework today... I did clean the toilet and pick up the thread I'd walked through the house. never mind life is too short. Someone ( I'm not sure who) once said...

"Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walkway before it stops snowing.  "

Sunday, 15 May 2011

out with the birthday bunting

So yesterday we went to the craft fair at our local national trust property. The weather was lovely and apart from the constant "please don't touch anything", a super time was had by us all. We bought a couple of things but the main purpose of going was to work out whether craft fairs was something i wanted to take part in. There were lots of fabulous stalls and some beautiful crafts. I just don't know whether the stall crafter's had enough interest and sales to make it worth their time. if anyone knows of anyone who does craft fairs, who could let me know how profitable it all really is, then please put them in touch with me...I could do with some experienced "I've been there" advice.

Today is my eldest daughters birthday, 11 today. I really don't know where the last 11 years have gone...just know I'm now looking and feeling older! Anyway, in celebration of her birthday we put up the "happy birthday bunting". As the children get older this is the only birthday decoration that they have. Gone are the Bob the builder, princess and Dora birthday parties with their foil backed banners. The bunting is our tradition and hopefully will be, for many, more years.

Just a quick plug that i can make these for £12....which for year after year use is a pretty good deal.