Saturday, 28 May 2011

creating a..... mess!!!

This week i didn't have my usual crafting day, so have had to make up for it, with some time grabbed here or there.
On Wednesday i went to good old Dunelm mill. They have a fabric sale and I managed to grab myself some reduced canvas type fabric. I had recently sold quite a few of my glasses cases, so needed some fairly sturdy fabric to make up some more.



I've actually already sold three of these. yeah!

I've also been of my daughters friend had a birthday and my little girl needed a quick (little) present. So that got me sticking quite a few of these.

The problem with all this making, is it makes a golly big mess. So today when my hubby was out I started my surprise for him. I know my man well. I know what he likes.....and that.. is a tidy house. Unfortunately...I'm so not tidy. I hoard little pieces of fabric in carrier bags and this is gathered in, what most people call their downstairs toilet!! So I set out to clear up and sort out my fabric stash. However, sorting really does create a huge mess.......

With a little time and a some ruthless de-cluttering I achieved my aim. I tidied and cleared and put the newly filled boxes back into the little room. I felt great relief and was pleased with myself........Then this happened....

The boxes toppled over and i had to, once again, sort out the mess!!

Hubby was pleased on his return though x

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  1. What a shame after all your hard work!! Your makes are looking great xx