Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Starting new things...or picking up old ones?

How often do you think to yourself ,I'd love to give that a go or I have always wanted to try that?
A sport, an instrument or hobby.
I was very fortunate recently to be given an opportunity to do just that. The church that i attend wanted to display some art work that would inspire and cause people to think about the Easter story and the role of Jesus in it. I was asked along side others to create a piece of art work. I agreed, with some hesitance, and set about thinking about what medium to use. I decided upon a Mosaic. I've have never done mosaic before but ordered what I needed and with an idea firmly fixed in my head started.
Starting something new can transform you, teach you skills and capture your heart...........

I work four days a week and am blessed to have a day to myself on a Wednesday. It really is important to me to have this time for myself. I run a busy home with my husband who often works long hours. I have three wonderful children. I leave the house at the same time as the children and arrive home with them at 4 o'clock. I start tea, sort out homework, reading and start the bedtime routine.
I love this. It is my life and it is good.

However "my" Wednesday's are special. This is the time to catch up on the things that need doing. I meet up with friends. Last week spent a lovely day with my mum, who doesn't live locally. Wednesdays are special!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to turn this.....

......into something like this.

"A time to rend and a time to sew" Ecclesiastes 3:7 (king James version)
Tomorrow is my time to sew.

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  1. I'm coveting those cushions KB - you're encouraging me to sin - LOL FMxx