Sunday, 15 May 2011

out with the birthday bunting

So yesterday we went to the craft fair at our local national trust property. The weather was lovely and apart from the constant "please don't touch anything", a super time was had by us all. We bought a couple of things but the main purpose of going was to work out whether craft fairs was something i wanted to take part in. There were lots of fabulous stalls and some beautiful crafts. I just don't know whether the stall crafter's had enough interest and sales to make it worth their time. if anyone knows of anyone who does craft fairs, who could let me know how profitable it all really is, then please put them in touch with me...I could do with some experienced "I've been there" advice.

Today is my eldest daughters birthday, 11 today. I really don't know where the last 11 years have gone...just know I'm now looking and feeling older! Anyway, in celebration of her birthday we put up the "happy birthday bunting". As the children get older this is the only birthday decoration that they have. Gone are the Bob the builder, princess and Dora birthday parties with their foil backed banners. The bunting is our tradition and hopefully will be, for many, more years.

Just a quick plug that i can make these for £12....which for year after year use is a pretty good deal.

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