Tuesday, 24 May 2011

No sew Wednesday

I can't sew tomorrow. There's not going to be time tomorrow with one thing or another. So I've come home tonight and finished off a couple of sets of cushions just to make up for it.
These are a one off as I've no more of this Laura Ashley fabric and it's discontinued.....

So tomorrow I'm taking another step into the "starting a new business" world and its all very exciting.

More fabric arrived today...I love fabric parcels, beautifully wrapped and pressed. This fabric is just some of the fabric that will go towards the commission that I have for a nursery set. Some lovely greens and blues...pretty

The children break up from school on Friday and this is going to mean not a lot of time to get any crafting done. I'm hoping the rest of my commission fabric will arrive by the weekend, so I can make some progress before the madness of next week.

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