Sunday, 22 May 2011

not much making

I've not made anything since Wednesday...not cut out or measured up.

My daughter who's birthday it was last weekend was having her birthday shopping, "it's not a party", pizza thing yesturday. So there was definately no time for making. I might be getting withdrawal symptoms! Perhaps I'll get the machine out this afternoon.

I have had a good few days of selling. Two glasses cases have been sold from my folksy shop . I've also got my first proper commission!! An old friend, who has been following my "makes" on facebook, asked if I'd like to make a nursery package for her son. She wants a space theme, so I sourced the fabric, added up some sums and gave her my quote. And she has said yes.

I was thinking about doing a local craft fair in July. I'm going to be too busy making this commission to make the stock I would need. Yay

It's great to be wanted and I'm amazed that people would pay me to make something for them or their home. It's brilliant to be doing something I love as well.

I 'll leave you with the photo of the glasses case I made my, cat crazy, friend. Bye for now Kaybee

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