Monday, 9 May 2011 there anybody out there?

Well here I am writing my first post. It feels very strange to be writing when I don't know if anyone will read it.
This is my first experience of blogging and so my be a little clumsy in my writing...please bear with me...

I've been crafty since being a child, loving messy sticking and gluing activities. I grew into a teenager who loved art and now, as an adult, I've rediscovered the joy of simply making. I've been a little uncommitted when it comes to taking up hobbies...the failed musical instrument list is fairly long! My crafting now is a true passion and not one I'll be walking away from.

Last summer, I borrowed a friend's sewing machine and that is the beginning of my love affair.....

So this is my sewing machine and table, which I hope will make me a little money or at least hopefully enough to fund my making. I needed to return "lovely friend"'s sewing machine. My parents bought me this one from good old Lidl. The most expensive present I've had since being at home, I think, but money well spent as I've used and used it. (Thankyou M and D)
The first round of making included lots of christmas bunting which  Foster Mummy sold for me, on her Christmas fair stall. I'll leave you with some photos.....


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